Werewolf Anatomy

Werewolf is a supernatural  fantasy creature human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf. It’s ultimate form is a combination between a wolf and a human. Werewolf are consider fierce and quite large, compare to a average human a average werewolf is 6.5 to 8 feet in height when standing straight, but some often  have a hunch or slouch which varies from slight to dramatic. After all a werewolf is still bipedal and half-human, therefore much  of the muscle structure is similar to a human however werewolf possess large percentage of muscle mass compared to human counterparts weights more that average human.








Figure 1: Muscle structure of human (left) and werewolf (right) 

Common Muscle share between Human and werewolf:
Rectus Abdominis

rectus_abdominus220Rectus Abdominis is part of the abdominal muscles. It’s this muscle which forms the six-pack shape. Werewolf shares this similar muscle due to transformation this muscle enlarges double the size

Pectoralis major

pec-major90Pectoralis major is the largest of the chest muscles, Its action depends on the position of the arm.

Biceps Brachii

biceps-brachiiThe Biceps brachii is located in the arms. it crosses both the elbow and shoulder joints. Its action on the shoulder joint is very weak flexion.The bicep curl exercises is a common one to strengthen this muscle it involves  number of weight training exercises that target the biceps brachii muscle in order to increase it’s size. A average werewolf biceps brachii is double or triple the size of a average human depending on the werewolf.


deltoidThe deltoid muscle is located on the outside of the shoulder and is recognised by its triangular shape. the deltoid muscle is responsible for all arm rotation and allows a person to keep carried objects at a safer distance from the body.


The werewolf skull as suppose to a human skull is quite different. The cervical vertebrae are more similar to those of  wolf or similar canines compare to a human. When on all fours, they appear to have a very long neck; this changes when on all fours. The jawbone is longer than human and the eyes occupy a larger region of the skull


by ononheli

Human and Werewolf skull

lower skeletal structure of werewolf is more similar to quadruped than biped. Their bones need to be strong, for power in attacking down large prey or victims.While they show a wider range of flexibility in their hip joints, they still have restrictions preventing full bipedal movement. Werewolf have legs those similar to a wolf, although they are upright and mounted more like human legs. Werewolf leg structure and anatomy highly similar to that of a quadruped displaying only two  four toes and is slightly bulkier to accommodate full body-weight on two fee.



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