Week4: UV Texturing

Weekly Journal

UV mapping controls the way the texture wraps onto the surface of the model.UV mapping process  of making a 2D image representation of a 3D model’s surface. UV Texture Mapping actually involves two majors. The first is to unwrap the model into a nice, non-overlapping UV Map and the other is to paint the actual textures in a program such as photoshop or MARI.

Majority  of the work of unwrapping the model will be done in the Window -> UV Texture Editor in Maya. This panel is under the Windows Menu.

As you can see below, the UV map for the CGI double model of myself is right now not very clean or organized. Placing an external texture onto this map will create really bad results.

start uv

There are many method used to help increase speed process, for instance dividing the model in half and deleting the other half.This makes it so that we only need to Unwrap half of it. We can then duplicate the other half and maya will remember all the UV mapping you did for the first half ,which i did for my character model.

Next process was deciding upon how i will divide my model into various sections. For my “CGI double” model, i began by first dividing  the head and main body. I started by focusing on teh main body first, i divide the model into four quarters. In each of the quarter is selected certain faces where I feel the divisions would work best for the texture map. I saved the faces by going to Create>Sets>Quick Select Set and give it a name. This method allowed me to reselect all the faces without having to painstakingly pick 1 face at a time and i can now access these face in outliner

arm UV  legs uv

I then began assigning a projection for each of the divisions. For example below, i used spherical projection for my head mainly because i model the head shape similar to sphere therefore using spherical projection was the ideal choice.

head uv

After using spherical projection, to see result i open the  UV Texture editor and i can see how it has organized my head model

wireframe head

I repeated this process for each of the different part of my model, using various other tool and method for certain areas.




Week 3: Creating CGI double

Weekly Journal

In week 3, i intended to start the process of modeling a CGI double of myself in maya and Mudbox. Based on what i learnt last week, researching is significant and important first step. I tired avoiding modeling and sculpting straight away because this will inevitably result in me making lots of mistake and error. I decided planing ahead and gathering a various different image both close and long range of myself would be most effective in helping me plan in areas such as what techniques, tools or method  that would be most efficient and provide me with quick result. Furthermore, from the onset i wanted to create a realistic and organic human that resemble me

296111_473022139449371_581893517_n dsc_0013 dsc_0014 dsc_0015 dsc_0016


Firstly, after studying countless image and looking around few YouTube tutorial and digital tutors i discover techniques that would really truly assist me. I began my importing front ,side images of me as image plane into Maya. Next, i position the image plane into a comfortable position that will allow me to view image in every angle. I started my selecting the  Create polygon located in Mesh Tool , i drew quad polygon shape on my front image plane. I select the quad polygon shape that i created and i started extrude it bit by bit to map out my face. I repeated this method continuously until i was able to capture my features and model my overall head shape

alusine head alusine out_objectdsc_0013

After spending days on modeling my head shape, i was happy with the result so i decide to leave it for now and focus on other areas of my model and i can always come back to it in the future for further edit. I decide to turn my effort and attention to modeling my main body. This was incredibly challenging as im quite poor in drawing human body and i possess limited knowledge on the human anatomy. However i over came this issue my studying human muscle and looking at a few good youtube tutorial on method for modeling a good body. I first started with a polygon primitives cub which i began extruding to create my character torse. I then continue sculpting and defines the shape and muscle group such as deltoid and biceps brachii and extruding until i created the whole body.

front bodybody


Eyes Texture


These are the eyes texture i have created for both my CGI and werewolf model. For the werewolf eyes i was inspire by a character from one of my favorite anime call Naruto. I study  kyuubi eyes structured and i loved aspect. I wanted to created an eyethat that resembled that cannibalistic quality.

Reference Naruto_Kyuubi Eye

Reference Naruto_Kyuubi Eye

Start of Transformation-eye

Start of Transformation-eye

Werewolf Transformation-Midway

Werewolf Transformation-Midway

Final stage of werewolf transformation

Final stage of werewolf transformation



Blend shapes are an incredibly useful and powerful feature in a 3D artist’s toolset.Maya has features known as deformers, which enable you to change the shape of a geometry in your scene. These deformer can serve as two purpose either used for modelling  tools, animation tools or as a mix of the two. Blenshape is part this family.Abd is one of the most powerful and useful deformers create the illusion that one shape changes into another in a natural-looking way. For instance i used to to morph my character head from human into a werewolf shaped head and i intend to use it for other morph section. I first  duplicated the originally head  version , which i then manually adjusted to look more like a werewolf head. I later use blend shapes to blend and morph between these two geometry, and it  enable me to creates the illusion of my human head changing its form.

There are many factor you have to taking consideration when using blend shape.  you first have to take into account a few considerations about the geometry that you want to blend between.In order for a blend shape to be successful, the base mesh and any target shapes being used must have the same vertex count. Which was quite troublesome for me since my character model of myself and my werewolf model vertext and topology are completly different. I had major trouble thinking of ways of fix this issue however i was able to come up with few good ideas to over come this issue. I would using blenshape to create the morphing animation for the inbetween when my character is human and finally when he transforms. This way i can control what happen in between and i don’t have to worry about my character model topology being different from my werewolf

Blend colours

Blend Colors utility blends and create transition between two incoming colors or textures similar to blenshape. I found this tool quite useful when i discover it, i initially had no idea how i will create different eye transition for my morph phases because blend shape doesn’t morph texture. So in order to create a reallistic morph it was incredibly important for me to find a method that will allow me to achieved  similar result for my head transformation but for my eyes. Blend colour precisly what i needed, however what i dislike about this tool which also as had an impact on my project is that the utility doesn’t allow you to blend more that 2 colour therefore limiting you.

Week2: Twilight New Moon

Weekly Journal

The Twilight Saga: New Moon  is a 2009 American romantic fantasy film based on Stephenie Meyer’s 2006 novel New Moon. In second movie Bella is 18 (a year older than the eternally 17-year-old Edward), making her desire to be a vampire even more urgent. However Edward family left suddenly and resulting in Bella entering into a deep depression. Jacob Black decide to help her.Jacob discovers that he and several other boys are next in line to defend the Quileute tribe from vampires

Shape-shifters, often mistaken as werewolves, are descended from the ancient spirit warriors of the Quileute tribe. Original warriors and chiefs could leave their bodies and wander as spirits thereby giving them the ability to communicate with animals,and hear each other’s thoughts. However a eventful incident that impacted the tribe members hugely during Taha Aki’s leadership and therefore permanently changed their powers to shape-shifting into awesome giant wolves.

Wolf_sizesWhat i especially love about Twilight new moon novel and movie was the concept of how they approach what the appearance of the werewolves would look like. The conversational werewolf is a cross between bipedal and half-human. However what twilight did was completely alter the common perception most people would think a werewolf should look like.  The werewolves are enormous, as tall as a horse, but thicker and much more muscular quite similar to a common wolf however the difference is that Quileute werewovles are twice the size, faster and stronger that a common wolf. The “monstrous size” of these creatures is emphasized repeatedly throughout the movie.

Jacob_Black_transformationThe transformation or phasing is an instinct or reflex.  instinct to phase is only triggered when a tribal member crosses the scent of vampires and senses the tribe’s need of protection.The transformation generally occur when a boy reaches manhood like jacob. As suppose to common werewolf since in movie or portray in Hollywood which are dependent on full moon to ignite the transformation. In twilight the transformation can happen at any time, and is not dependent upon a full moon.Transformation or “phasing” is a sudden and violent process. The initial transformation seems to be triggered by anger, for example in the movie when Bella was in danger of being attacked by another werewolf, he suddenly got angry and jumped in defensive to protect her.


To become human again, the shape-shifter needs to calm down and concentrate on phasing back into human form.

Quileute wolves are incredibly fast, they can out run a motor vehicle with ease and with a combination of highly developed reflex. Whilst in human form Quileute strength is near superman or Luke cage level. However that doesn’t compare to when Quileute enter into their wolf form, not only are they much larger than normal wolves, they are also supernaturally stronger. In wolf, their strength is incredible and nearly equivalent to that of a vampire or greater

Another factor that i love about the shape-shifter or Quileute werewolf have a body temperature of about 108°F. As suppose to vampire temperatures are lower than humans, quileute ability easily enable to face against vampire. It also demonstrate the clear contrast between the two groups which i thought was quite clever of them.The physiological differences reflect the tension between the two species, its not just silly fight but a deep rivalry and hated that runs into their very soul that even alter their very DNA. The high body temperature allows the shape-shifters to withstand very cold weather resulting in making it incredibly hard for vampire to harm them to combat due to the fact vampire are cold blooded and sensitive to high temperature. Plus they can heal and regenerate very fast and completely.

Pack behavior

In wolf form, shape-shifter can retain their human intelligence, memories and character, up to and including showing their human eyes. Pack members are also telepathically linked with each other thereby enhancing their coordination during hunt. Alpha of each pack can communicate with each other with ease, in addition Alpha are able to control what thoughts they are able to share to the rest of the pack as suppose to those below them. Since pack is runs in hierarchy, the alpha can force the other pack members to obey his orders against their will.


The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) Film series. Author Stephanie Meyer’s. Directed by Chris Weitz. Summit Entertainment.


Week 1: Werewolf Anatomy

Weekly Journal

Werewolf is a supernatural  fantasy creature human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf. It’s ultimate form is a combination between a wolf and a human. Werewolf are consider fierce and quite large, compare to a average human a average werewolf is 6.5 to 8 feet in height when standing straight, but some often  have a hunch or slouch which varies from slight to dramatic. After all a werewolf is still bipedal and half-human, therefore much  of the muscle structure is similar to a human however werewolf possess large percentage of muscle mass compared to human counterparts weights more that average human.








Figure 1: Muscle structure of human (left) and werewolf (right) 

Common Muscle share between Human and werewolf:
Rectus Abdominis

rectus_abdominus220Rectus Abdominis is part of the abdominal muscles. It’s this muscle which forms the six-pack shape. Werewolf shares this similar muscle due to transformation this muscle enlarges double the size

Pectoralis major

pec-major90Pectoralis major is the largest of the chest muscles, Its action depends on the position of the arm.

Biceps Brachii

biceps-brachiiThe Biceps brachii is located in the arms. it crosses both the elbow and shoulder joints. Its action on the shoulder joint is very weak flexion.The bicep curl exercises is a common one to strengthen this muscle it involves  number of weight training exercises that target the biceps brachii muscle in order to increase it’s size. A average werewolf biceps brachii is double or triple the size of a average human depending on the werewolf.


deltoidThe deltoid muscle is located on the outside of the shoulder and is recognised by its triangular shape. the deltoid muscle is responsible for all arm rotation and allows a person to keep carried objects at a safer distance from the body.


The werewolf skull as suppose to a human skull is quite different. The cervical vertebrae are more similar to those of  wolf or similar canines compare to a human. When on all fours, they appear to have a very long neck; this changes when on all fours. The jawbone is longer than human and the eyes occupy a larger region of the skull


by ononheli

Human and Werewolf skull

lower skeletal structure of werewolf is more similar to quadruped than biped. Their bones need to be strong, for power in attacking down large prey or victims.While they show a wider range of flexibility in their hip joints, they still have restrictions preventing full bipedal movement. Werewolf have legs those similar to a wolf, although they are upright and mounted more like human legs. Werewolf leg structure and anatomy highly similar to that of a quadruped displaying only two  four toes and is slightly bulkier to accommodate full body-weight on two fee.


Week 1: Werewolf Origin

Weekly Journal


Engraving entitled Lycaon changed into a wolf.

Engraving entitled Lycaon changed into a wolf.

It’s incredibly hard to pin down the world’s first reference to werewolves. Werewolves are considered as the oldest known written works on the planet. Various different parts of the world and culture have different ideology and form of what a werewolf is. “The Epic of Gilgamesh” is one of the many story that tries to explain the origins of werewolf. In it, Gilgamesh refuses to become the lover of the goddess Ishtar because of her cruel treatment of her previous suitors. Ishtar turned one man, a shepherd, into a wolf, making him the enemy of his friends, his sheep and even his own dogs. However Ishtar isn’t the only ancient god to change a mortal into a wolf or beast. In Rome they believed the god Jupiter turn a king into a werewolf. In Ovid’s “The Metamorphoses,” a traveller visits the home of King Lycaon of Acadia. Lycaon suspects that the visitor is immortal, so he devises a test. He serves human meat to his guest, who unfortunately turns out to be the god Jupiter. Jupiter immediately recognizes the meat’s origin, angry and frustrated he decides to transforms Lycaon into a wolf. The word lycanthropy amd King Lycaon’s name both come from the same root. He Greek word lykos, meaning wolf.

Both of these story are ancient and have been passed down from generation to generation, and they suggest that the idea of men turning into wolves has been around for about as long as human civilization has. The idea has widespread for instanced if wolves live or have lived in a particular region, that region’s folk tales include werewolves. On the other hand in regions where there are no wolves, stories describe people turning into other vicious animals. Certain parts of the world such as Africa, china, Russia talk about people Turing into hyenas or tigers or bears. However each stories share a common similarity with each other. They all embody shape-shifters which in return instil fear. Fear that animal that the person becomes is a large, powerful carnivore, the person transforming becomes something he fears abd he has no way of escaping himself or ultimately the fear of being bited by a werewolf and the vitcum face the threat of going through the  terrifying  process should they survive the encounter.
The wolf manEvery monster story set rule on how said monster must behave. The Film “The Wolf Man
1941″ was the first film created which stated what it takes to kill a werewolf, a silver bullet. An author name Bram Stoker’s in 1887 wrote a novel call “Dracula” for vampires which set the rules for how vampires are supposed to behave. “The wolf Man 1941” film did the similar thing “Dracula” achieved by explain how werewolf are created and behave. For Instance in “The Wolf Man” if a werewolf bites you, you have no choice but to become a werewolf yourself.  As a result during the fall season at night you’ll transform into a part-human, part-wolf creature and prey on human being. However in the sequels to “The Wolf Man” the transformation occurs on the full moon, “The Wolf Man” also states it clearly that once you become a werewolf, the only cure is death. Attempts to wish or pray your way out of it will do you no good. Like the serval folklore tale such as “Dracula”, Robin Hood, Big foot, tooth fair or “The Wolf Man” have been built on legends and stories that have existed for thousands of years. However the silver bullets, the full moon and the incurable curse of lycanthropy have more to do with Hollywood than with history. In folklore and stories, there are all kind of different way to become a werewolf and the process isn’t always involuntary or even permanent. Nonetheless werewolf in both movies and old stories have something in common. They are dangerous, cunning and even evil, and they inspire fear.
ab-anim1In early years many literature didn’t spend a lot of time describing what happens when a person becomes a werewolf. The process is quite quick, one minute the person is human. The next minute, he isn’t.  Even in “The Wolf man” the transformation process happens largely off-screen and the actor the main focus as opposed to his process of transformation. In more recent films, though, the process of becoming a wolf is often the highlight of the show such as “Being Human” and “Bitten”. In these shows it appears the transformation process is presented in great detail. The process it’s often depicted as being incredibly painful. Bones forcibly elongate and change their shape, sometimes moving so drastically that they rupture a person’s skin. As a result the creature end up being part human and part wolf. I intend to try to model a very convincing werewolf that inspire fear.
The Wolf Man (1941 film). written by Curt Siodmak and produced and directed by George Waggner.
 Bram Stoker. 1897.Dracula.United Kingdom: Archibald Constable and Company (UK)
Being human UK (2008) BBC. Written by Toby Whithouse

Final Project Concept/Ideas


Past almost two years had been thrilling and long journey experience with highs and lows. Animation and game design course has taught, push me past and beyond what I believed my limit was. The course has provided me with incredible taste from various different area of the industry such as 2D/3D Animation, Modelling, Texturing and many more. However certain area I extremely enjoyed as suppose to other area for example, I loved the 3D section of the course compare to 2D work. Route to learning how to successfully use 3D software to create realistic 3D objects and environments has been an interesting enjoyable ordeal. Initially when I began the course I had no pier 3D or 2D artist skills knowledge except for my love of games, creative industry and thirst to know and be able to create amazing environment and artwork seen in favourite movie and game. However I believed that vast void of different techniques and skills that I wasn’t aware of before the course has decrease quite a bit. Overall, throughout the two years I have recognised my strongest attribute lies in 3D modelling. I have research and used many online resources such as YouTube; cgareana to improved my modelling skills, character rigging, and lighting and advance my 3D skills. The learning curve has been both challenging and satisfying. I will attempt to use the final major project like a platform to test all the skills I have been taught, learnt in past year and half

Final major project, I have decided upon creating a short film with a live footage and 3D element incorporated into it. Original concept of what the short film will be me waking up in a surreal environment surrounded by field of grass and beautiful mountain terrain and having no recollection of how I got there or why I’m here. Whilst trying to explore my surrounding in the hope of gain answers I suddenly get hit my something. Whilst dying, I will create a scene depicting my inner last thoughts and desire not to die. Which automatically kicks start me transforming into a werewolf form. Concept of this story originated from one of my many strange dreams I have experience, however this one struck in my head. The general theme of the projects will be based and influence by twilight, being human. Hopefully, by the end of this project I would to create a short film displaying me transforming from human form into werewolf form whist compositing everything in a 3D environment I created. Overall, my ultimate goal is to create a smooth transformation similar to what had been demonstrated in twilight new moon were actor transform into huge wolf, make a pleasing and entertaining short film that will engage the audience attention and amaze them.

To successfully accomplish this project, I will be using range of various low-high end techniques to achieve a pleasing and entertain film. First stage will be the modelling section, using Maya 2015 I will aim to model a realistic well detailed werewolf using simple polygon primitive. Next, I will export the final finish model into MARI 3D painting and texturing software to start texturing my werewolf model. Finally, import finish textured into Maya to apply Xgen to generate body fur for werewolf. Second stage, I will begin modelling my CG Human double such as head, arm and foot to be used as a starting transition, which will morph into my werewolf, respected body parts. During this process I intended to do my best in creating a realistic smooth morphing animation that is believe using Maya blend shape for the morph transition for the body, it will be hard however I will try my best. Third Stage will be creating a rich 3D realistic digital nature environment, which I may use for as background for my short film. Creating a realistic environment will be challenging mainly because it’s been long since I have created a good environment however I believe it will be fun since this time I will be using an amazing software call VUE to create fanatics environment which is similar to unity however it’s ten times much better in quality. Four stage, will be creating rigs for my werewolf which will involved me making hierarchy of joint to create a skeleton and applying IK controls. I will possible use IKinema software to enable to create quick rigs and apply motion capture data from my live footage record and apply to my werewolf. Due to the fact that IKenema software cost quite a bit of money, but it will would be an incredible useful tool to have. Since I will have 8 weeks to create this project it will be beneficial that I construct a clear and simple plan to guide me throughout this project. I decide I will invest 3 weeks in creating and texturing my werewolf. Week 4-5 will be heavily focus in modelling my 3D environment terrain, assets and texturing in VUE. Week 6-7 will be the morphing stage, scene will include me morphing into a werewolf. Final stage of the project will be compositing and adding lighting.

I will aim to critically review and analyse my work every week by posting images and showcasing what I have achieve each week. Writing a short in depth evaluation detailing the techniques, my point of view and interpretation of the work I have created so far such as whether certain colour I have used were effective in achieving what intended. If software I used were reliable and fast in helping me finish my work quickly. This information will be uploaded into my website every week. Each week I will set a deadline, which I will refer from my timetable, determine and assess my progress by whether I meet these deadlines, and work I set myself. This method is quite useful and simple in enabling me to evaluate whether the project is progressing in the right direction and speed. In an event I do fall back, I’m able to quickly get back into the right direction. Overall, the success of my Final Major project will be decide upon many factors such as the quality and detail of my 3D werewolf and my CG Character model, the smoothness animation of me morphing into a werewolf and ultimately is the transformation believable. Finally, Is my 3D environment I created realistic and pleasing whilst taking into account natural element that effect terrain such as wind, which shaped amazing landscape we see now in our world.