Week4: UV Texturing

Weekly Journal

UV mapping controls the way the texture wraps onto the surface of the model.UV mapping process  of making a 2D image representation of a 3D model’s surface. UV Texture Mapping actually involves two majors. The first is to unwrap the model into a nice, non-overlapping UV Map and the other is to paint the actual textures in a program such as photoshop or MARI.

Majority  of the work of unwrapping the model will be done in the Window -> UV Texture Editor in Maya. This panel is under the Windows Menu.

As you can see below, the UV map for the CGI double model of myself is right now not very clean or organized. Placing an external texture onto this map will create really bad results.

start uv

There are many method used to help increase speed process, for instance dividing the model in half and deleting the other half.This makes it so that we only need to Unwrap half of it. We can then duplicate the other half and maya will remember all the UV mapping you did for the first half ,which i did for my character model.

Next process was deciding upon how i will divide my model into various sections. For my “CGI double” model, i began by first dividing  the head and main body. I started by focusing on teh main body first, i divide the model into four quarters. In each of the quarter is selected certain faces where I feel the divisions would work best for the texture map. I saved the faces by going to Create>Sets>Quick Select Set and give it a name. This method allowed me to reselect all the faces without having to painstakingly pick 1 face at a time and i can now access these face in outliner

arm UV  legs uv

I then began assigning a projection for each of the divisions. For example below, i used spherical projection for my head mainly because i model the head shape similar to sphere therefore using spherical projection was the ideal choice.

head uv

After using spherical projection, to see result i open the  UV Texture editor and i can see how it has organized my head model

wireframe head

I repeated this process for each of the different part of my model, using various other tool and method for certain areas.




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