Week 5: Rig

Weekly Journal

After UV unwrapping my CGI model, i decide my character is create for the next stage, animation stage. Before bring life to my model, i first had to build a skeleton for my character.Building a skeleton is the process of placing and orienting joints to create a system with which you can pose a deformable model or object. Depending on what character you have created, you need to place the joints where they approximate real joint positions. For example since my CGI is model of myself has exact anatomy as human, i placed joints at all the major points correspond to human joint locations. I achieved this my using the joint tool to draw a joint chain until i created a complex skeleton. After i smooth blind my body with my skeleton. Next, i created a simple easy control rig that will allow me to control the movement of my model therefore assisting me in animating my character in later stages. This will be incredible useful as animating 3D character by moving joint can be a daunting task

.Alusine_jointsmooth bind



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