Week 5: Facial Animation

Weekly Journal


Blend shapes are an incredibly useful and powerful feature in a 3D artist’s toolset. Maya.Maya has features known as deformers, which enable you to change the shape of a geometry in your scene. These deformer can serve as two purpose either used for modelling  tools, animation tools or as a mix of the two. Blenshape is part this family. And is one of the most powerful and useful deformers create the illusion that one shape changes into another in a natural-looking way. For instance i used to to morph my character head from human into a werewolf shaped head and i intend to use it for other morph section. I first  duplicated the originally head  version , which i then manually adjusted to look more like a werewolf head. I later use blend shapes to blend and morph between these two geometry, and it  enable me to creates the illusion of my human head changing its form.

There are many factor you have to taking consideration when using blend shape.  you first have to take into account a few considerations about the geometry that you want to blend between.In order for a blend shape to be successful, the base mesh and any target shapes being used must have the same vertex count. Which was quite troublesome for me since my character model of myself and my werewolf model vertex and topology are completely different. I had major trouble thinking of ways of fix this issue however i was able to come up with few good ideas to over come this issue. I would using blenshape to create the morphing animation for the inbetween when my character is human and finally when he transforms. This way i can control what happen in between and i don’t have to worry about my character model topology being different from my werewolf

Blend colours

Blend Colors utility blends and create transition between two incoming colors or textures similar to blenshape. I found this tool quite useful when i discover it, i initially had no idea how i will create different eye transition for my morph phases because blend shape doesn’t morph texture. So in order to create a reallistic morph it was incredibly important for me to find a method that will allow me to achieved  similar result for my head transformation but for my eyes. Blend colour precisly what i needed, however what i dislike about this tool which also as had an impact on my project is that the utility doesn’t allow you to blend more that 2 colour therefore limiting you.


These are a couple of facial animation I’m practicing. I was trying to create agony and fear. I used a combination of Blend Shape and Control Rigs to animated the character facial animation. In order to create smooth and pure realistic facial deformation, i record my face doing range of different emotion as reference material to assist me.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViD7yH-UOvY&w=560&h=31



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