Week 4: Werewolf Model

Weekly Journal

Werewolf are  mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf, in order for me to create a realistic werewolf model that will strike fear into view heart, as well as have the embodiment of a werewolf that people is use to. I research into Werewolf anatomy because sculpt, mainly because werewolf are a fictional characters and no other creature in our planet resemble a werewolf. So i had to study what animal or animals werewolf look like when combine. I discover that a werewolf share similairy anatomy as human but with an element of wolf. Once i understood this very important pecive of information, i was now able to sculpt my werewolf model and add realism into it. I began my using a base body mesh in Mudbox, i slow started defining the model by add detail step by step until i couldn’t add anymore detail. When this occur i decided to increase the sub-division of my mesh to permit me to add another layer of detail. I continuously repeated this process for each portion of the werewolf body

werewolf mid full

As you can see by the image above, i focus heavily on my werewolf muscle group since werewolf are quite muscular creatures. My knowledge from researching and studying the werewolf anatomy has help me define and create a realistic and well built looking werewolf, because i have taken into account what size and shape various different werewolf muscle group should look like.


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