Week 3: Creating CGI double

Weekly Journal

In week 3, i intended to start the process of modeling a CGI double of myself in maya and Mudbox. Based on what i learnt last week, researching is significant and important first step. I tired avoiding modeling and sculpting straight away because this will inevitably result in me making lots of mistake and error. I decided planing ahead and gathering a various different image both close and long range of myself would be most effective in helping me plan in areas such as what techniques, tools or method  that would be most efficient and provide me with quick result. Furthermore, from the onset i wanted to create a realistic and organic human that resemble me

296111_473022139449371_581893517_n dsc_0013 dsc_0014 dsc_0015 dsc_0016


Firstly, after studying countless image and looking around few YouTube tutorial and digital tutors i discover techniques that would really truly assist me. I began my importing front ,side images of me as image plane into Maya. Next, i position the image plane into a comfortable position that will allow me to view image in every angle. I started my selecting the  Create polygon located in Mesh Tool , i drew quad polygon shape on my front image plane. I select the quad polygon shape that i created and i started extrude it bit by bit to map out my face. I repeated this method continuously until i was able to capture my features and model my overall head shape

alusine head alusine out_objectdsc_0013

After spending days on modeling my head shape, i was happy with the result so i decide to leave it for now and focus on other areas of my model and i can always come back to it in the future for further edit. I decide to turn my effort and attention to modeling my main body. This was incredibly challenging as im quite poor in drawing human body and i possess limited knowledge on the human anatomy. However i over came this issue my studying human muscle and looking at a few good youtube tutorial on method for modeling a good body. I first started with a polygon primitives cub which i began extruding to create my character torse. I then continue sculpting and defines the shape and muscle group such as deltoid and biceps brachii and extruding until i created the whole body.

front bodybody



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