Final Project Concept/Ideas


Past almost two years had been thrilling and long journey experience with highs and lows. Animation and game design course has taught, push me past and beyond what I believed my limit was. The course has provided me with incredible taste from various different area of the industry such as 2D/3D Animation, Modelling, Texturing and many more. However certain area I extremely enjoyed as suppose to other area for example, I loved the 3D section of the course compare to 2D work. Route to learning how to successfully use 3D software to create realistic 3D objects and environments has been an interesting enjoyable ordeal. Initially when I began the course I had no pier 3D or 2D artist skills knowledge except for my love of games, creative industry and thirst to know and be able to create amazing environment and artwork seen in favourite movie and game. However I believed that vast void of different techniques and skills that I wasn’t aware of before the course has decrease quite a bit. Overall, throughout the two years I have recognised my strongest attribute lies in 3D modelling. I have research and used many online resources such as YouTube; cgareana to improved my modelling skills, character rigging, and lighting and advance my 3D skills. The learning curve has been both challenging and satisfying. I will attempt to use the final major project like a platform to test all the skills I have been taught, learnt in past year and half

Final major project, I have decided upon creating a short film with a live footage and 3D element incorporated into it. Original concept of what the short film will be me waking up in a surreal environment surrounded by field of grass and beautiful mountain terrain and having no recollection of how I got there or why I’m here. Whilst trying to explore my surrounding in the hope of gain answers I suddenly get hit my something. Whilst dying, I will create a scene depicting my inner last thoughts and desire not to die. Which automatically kicks start me transforming into a werewolf form. Concept of this story originated from one of my many strange dreams I have experience, however this one struck in my head. The general theme of the projects will be based and influence by twilight, being human. Hopefully, by the end of this project I would to create a short film displaying me transforming from human form into werewolf form whist compositing everything in a 3D environment I created. Overall, my ultimate goal is to create a smooth transformation similar to what had been demonstrated in twilight new moon were actor transform into huge wolf, make a pleasing and entertaining short film that will engage the audience attention and amaze them.

To successfully accomplish this project, I will be using range of various low-high end techniques to achieve a pleasing and entertain film. First stage will be the modelling section, using Maya 2015 I will aim to model a realistic well detailed werewolf using simple polygon primitive. Next, I will export the final finish model into MARI 3D painting and texturing software to start texturing my werewolf model. Finally, import finish textured into Maya to apply Xgen to generate body fur for werewolf. Second stage, I will begin modelling my CG Human double such as head, arm and foot to be used as a starting transition, which will morph into my werewolf, respected body parts. During this process I intended to do my best in creating a realistic smooth morphing animation that is believe using Maya blend shape for the morph transition for the body, it will be hard however I will try my best. Third Stage will be creating a rich 3D realistic digital nature environment, which I may use for as background for my short film. Creating a realistic environment will be challenging mainly because it’s been long since I have created a good environment however I believe it will be fun since this time I will be using an amazing software call VUE to create fanatics environment which is similar to unity however it’s ten times much better in quality. Four stage, will be creating rigs for my werewolf which will involved me making hierarchy of joint to create a skeleton and applying IK controls. I will possible use IKinema software to enable to create quick rigs and apply motion capture data from my live footage record and apply to my werewolf. Due to the fact that IKenema software cost quite a bit of money, but it will would be an incredible useful tool to have. Since I will have 8 weeks to create this project it will be beneficial that I construct a clear and simple plan to guide me throughout this project. I decide I will invest 3 weeks in creating and texturing my werewolf. Week 4-5 will be heavily focus in modelling my 3D environment terrain, assets and texturing in VUE. Week 6-7 will be the morphing stage, scene will include me morphing into a werewolf. Final stage of the project will be compositing and adding lighting.

I will aim to critically review and analyse my work every week by posting images and showcasing what I have achieve each week. Writing a short in depth evaluation detailing the techniques, my point of view and interpretation of the work I have created so far such as whether certain colour I have used were effective in achieving what intended. If software I used were reliable and fast in helping me finish my work quickly. This information will be uploaded into my website every week. Each week I will set a deadline, which I will refer from my timetable, determine and assess my progress by whether I meet these deadlines, and work I set myself. This method is quite useful and simple in enabling me to evaluate whether the project is progressing in the right direction and speed. In an event I do fall back, I’m able to quickly get back into the right direction. Overall, the success of my Final Major project will be decide upon many factors such as the quality and detail of my 3D werewolf and my CG Character model, the smoothness animation of me morphing into a werewolf and ultimately is the transformation believable. Finally, Is my 3D environment I created realistic and pleasing whilst taking into account natural element that effect terrain such as wind, which shaped amazing landscape we see now in our world.


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